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16 August 2009 @ 11:57 pm
This is the official opening post. Remember to introduce yourselfs in the OOC com if you haven't. Go ahead and start posting at will! ^^ It may start off slowly at first.

You all wake up in the limitless fortress. You soon realise you don't know anything but your name, if even. It'll come back to you slowly, your name at first and over weeks and months, maybe years you'll remember what you are, where you come from.

And remember! Have fun!

-Your lovely mods~
07 August 2009 @ 03:20 am
Greetings those that have been with us before, are still watching this, or are soon to join us. We are reopening the forum now that we have new mods. Please review the rules and reapply. Thank you so much. We will be reopening soon as soon as construction is complete. Please be patient. This part of the forum will be kept as is, as a memorial, for rules change or follows ups. Comm. posts will be done elsewhere. A date will be posted soon on the re-opening.

Tsuzuki-mun and I will be your lovely mods.

We're coming to get you..
01 May 2009 @ 06:51 pm
Making Things Legit:

Though I have been absent since mid-January, I have continued to shadow the community to see if it would progress or remain at a standstill. Apparently, the second one, as I assumed, is proven true. Thus, following along with dr_kazu ’s player and their friend, I am also going to withdraw from the community along with my two characters: Trowa Barton aheavyname_03 and Dante gun_sword_devil. At least this makes things official for me. It was a good run while it lasted. Do take care those who remain or check back in occasionally. My regards to the friends I had here during my stay. Farewell.


~ StarSeed

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18 April 2009 @ 09:19 pm
It is with a heavy heart that I do this. I am dropping all of my characters from limitless_forte, as my muse Muraki has seemed to perk interest with another place. He is my first and my favorite so I will go as he pleases.

Please defriend dr_kazu, seven_stars, duzell_kyawl, tagless_shiki.

Also, Leon's mun has dropped all of his characters.

Please defriend amethyst_gaze, stray_tokito, not_kitsune, donut_gunman

Thank you. You will find us at haibane_hollow and furubaverse.

Best wishes,

Desh & Leo
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29 January 2009 @ 12:05 am
Atem hadn’t been seen or heard from, the wonders of his existence were anything but short lived. As he was prominently known to be the top duelist in Domino, Japan, he certainly lived up to the name here in lower town. He had become somewhat of a law enforcer, which he discovered over time, was something he could easily live up to.

What originally turned out to be a journey in search for a friend, lead him to a place where he was forced to live a life so far from the one he was used to… a life that lead to the separation of his other self… living a strange and yet all to familiar lifestyle that gave birth to the familiarity of darkness within. Giving him enough power packed under his belt to deal with whom he deemed… evil.

Nevertheless, the pharaoh seemed to be preoccupied with his new obsession; trying to find his way into the higher floors to no avail. Most of the monsters and super human beings that ran the place seemed to have vanished, but it was mostly an ever familiar maze that seemed to remind him of the reflective innards housed in the millennium puzzle. Yet, there was no way in or out and he had often to back track from whence he came.

Emerging for the dozen or so times as he had before, Atem stepped out from the main entrance that led to the higher floors of the tower, surprisingly, unscathed and disappointed.

“Damn it…” He cursed, clutching a fist. “Is there no way in hell out of this monstrosity these bastards call a city?”

[ Tag, Anyone~! ]
Who: Vash
What: Dunno?
When: Sometime in the evening.
Where: Somewhere in Lower Town.

There were a few loud crashes and some angry yells in an alley followed by a sheepish laugh. The gunman in the long red coat stood on part of a fire escape that hadn't collapsed, with a bit of help, and caged in a group of men who also had some boxes fallen on top of them, "Sorry! I'm sure your other friends will be around to help you soon!" And with that he scurried the rest of the way up to the roof top, hopping over the edge as gloved fingers moved over spiked up blond hair..

Vash walked along the roof top, using the other ones close by to move a bit away from the place so he wouldn't get caught up in something again. He'd be keeping out of that particular bar for a while.

After a few moments Vash soon paused on a low enough building before walking to the edge and sitting on the risen part, legs hanging over the front. Blue-green eyes moved skywards, hands rested beside him as the heel of a boot lightly kicked the brick work, humming a bit off key to himself. It was an odd transition to switch from desert to what was close enough to being called a city, but he had managed and fallen into something that felt familiar enough to be rather content with.. Mostly.

Tag - Whoever be around and willing?
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18 January 2009 @ 10:35 pm
I apologize to Duzell for my late reply in this, but unfortunately I will be on hiatus from the community for about two weeks. This is due to my computer crashing the Friday before last. I went out and bought a new one (draining my money mostly all the way) and  this one was all new and shiny and 64-bit operating system. Price was high and yeah, I got a new one. Sounds good? No. The thing is so new that all my programs, my media, my schoolwork, hell, even my normal virus protection, are all unable to be compatable with this new operating system. So no virus, spy-ware, and so forth scanner means that I can't be online really. And not to mention I have all that other crap with school not working. So this computer is going back at the end of the week and then I have to wait for my next new computer (a 32-bit operating system machine that will hopefully work properly) another few days. So I apologize again for not getting this note out earlier, but schoolwork and computer frustrations really took me for a loop. I'll be back; I still lurk here and play. But like I said, it'll be a while till I return. Thank you for your patience, Duzell and Trowa will return at a later date. Good luck and fair wishes to those who still linger here.

Trowa Barton - Out.
16 January 2009 @ 05:56 am
I honestly thought this place was dead. Really. Like it was nuked or something.

But it's still going, somehow!?

I'm surprised. It really is like a bad itch. But in a good way.
So yes, I'm still around.

Gene Starwind
Straight Cougar
Rahlan Kodai-Atair
Nicholas D. Wolfwood

Yep, still all here and around.
12 January 2009 @ 12:24 am
I have returned and will return to posting!
04 January 2009 @ 07:07 am
Hiao. This is your O so lovely Kazu again. I'm going on a cruise for the next few days so I will not be available until the 10th or the 11th.

This includes Duzzie. (Duzell) Kubota and Shiki.