Reality is but a dream within a dream...

How can you seek truth when the world only consists of lies?

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How much is real? So much to question…
An epidemic of the mannequins contaminating everything!

Remember it’s just different from what you’ve seen…
Just listen to the noises, null and void instead of voices…

Reality is but a dream within a dream…
How can you seek truth when the world only consists of lies?


The Limitless Fortress is of disused, condemned buildings that have, through chance or design, clustered together to form a self-contained habitat. Many smaller buildings surround its ground level, serving as the entrance to the fortress, while the core is formed of one especially tall tower only to have construction abandoned mid-way. The remains came to be populated by beings from all walks of life, including one of the men responsible for its construction. The Fortress was soon subdivided into three specific tiers– Lower Town, the Beltline and the enigmatic Babylon City.

You have been taken from your world, whether you were alive or dead when taken. You wake up soon after, unable to remember where you are, where you've come from, what you possess, what you can do? You're mind has been tampered with. In the top center portion of your mind lies a computer chip. It prevents you from remembering anything but your name, or to a select few, it has reprogramed your mind to think you have lived here all along. Some wake up within the local hospital. Others outside or in abandoned buildings.

High up above, 'they' are always watching. You are viewed, watched, studied, even sometimes visited by the upper level inhabitants, or taken away for experiments. Walls move within Lower Town. You experience deja vu'. You were sure that shop was located somewhere else, but somehow it is exactly where you remember it. You'll remember slowly, ever so slowly who you are, and if your memories are a threat, be warned that 'they' might see it as so.

// This role-play is by no means parallel to the manga or anime storylines;
this Limitless Fortress role-play is an Alternate Universe! //

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Lower Town is self-explanatory. It is the lowest portion of the fortress, with several layers extending below ground level. Accounts state various numbers from thousands to millions of societies lost their privileges to homes or businesses, those who have come to Limitless Fortress because they have nowhere else to go. Consequently, with many clashing independent personalities populating it, Lower Town proves to be a chaotic place – a situation not improved by constant attacks from the inhabitants of the middle level, the Beltline, whose monstrous, murderous inhabitants terrorize Lower Town. From the mayhem, gangs emerge to bring some semblance of control. Places move, walls suddenly appear. There doesn't seem to be any way out.

The Beltline is the ‘waistline’, the middle level and the most dangerous area of the Limitless Fortress, the citizens of the Beltline are said to be immortal and imperishable, and they 'will rise back from the dead every time they are attacked'. Every single person from the Beltline has a hideous death-like appearance and a frightening strength, many question if anyone from the Beltline are even human at all. A unique feature of the Beltline is that the area is relatively unstable. This is where suicides are often committed. Human bones and corpses litter its very floor and every step you take will most likely lead you to a death trap.

Babylon City is the highest floor no resident from Lower Town or the Beltline has seen. Rumor has it that anyone in Lower Town are all subject to the controlling whims of the mysterious entity known as the “Gods of the Limitless Fortress,” whom dwells within the highest level of the fortress, Babylon City, and controls all that goes on within it. The “Gods of the Limitless Fortress” are mostly made up of powerful individuals, scientists, engineers, artists, politicians, patrons, and super-normal beings - which created the Limitless Fortress as an experimental site where any infinite number of ideas that could be conceived and tested!



legendarylady - Deunan Knute


demonicredeyes - Sebastian Michealis


richardgofwoosh - Richard


hall_om_mig_nu - Agatsuma Soubi


fashion_samurai - Shimizu Raiko


singsongdevil - Gunji


donut_gunman - Vash
full_o_mercy - Nicholas D. Wolfwood


dr_kazu - Kazutaka Muraki
amethyst_gaze - Asato Tsuzuki
it_go_boom - Yutaka Watari

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